Musical Christmas Card 2007
It Must Have Been Christmas
Merry Christmas from John & Julie.

About the 2007 Christmas card:

The song, "It Must Have Been Christmas" was written by John Eidsvoog (me) in November 2007. I came up with the idea for the first two lines in February of 2007, but put it aside until I was later inspired. It has a rather unique rhyming scheme where two successive words rhyme in four places each verse (cheer/we're, gifts/it's, etc.). This makes the phrasing a little strange as well and as much as I enjoy the song, I'm afraid it's unlikely to go very far. The version you hear in the MP3 below is a special duet arrangement recorded by Julie and I with piano, guitar, bass and strings.

The picture in the background was taken on December 24th, 2003 along I-35 in Minnesota. We awoke that morning in Minneapolis after a freezing rain left a beautiful layer on the trees. It added a nice touch to our short drive down to Owatonna and by the time we arrived it had warmed up and everything had melted. We printed the card on an HP 9800 using borderless printing. We hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas.

Listen to the 2007 Christmas card:

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