SMF Organizer
Take control of your Film Musicians Secondary Market Fund data
(if you don't know what that is, then this software is not for you)

Whether you have a Mac or PC (Windows), now you can capture all of the data from your Secondary Market Fund statements without typing it in manually.

You can view information about any particular movie in your statements, such as the payments received over the years. Summary figures show total amounts received for individual movies or for all movies in a single year. The sum of your payments for any movie is instantly calculated. Or you can view your payments as a percentage of your original wages. You can sort listings of all your data, allowing you to quickly see which movies have paid the most (or least) over the years.

The Film Musicians Secondary Market Fund website contains 10 years of statement data, dating back to 1996. These statements can all be imported into SMF Organizer. And you can manually enter as much data prior to 1996 as you may have (or import it, if you have it in another database).

SMF Organizer consists of two parts. "SMF Converter" reads the data from your Secondary Markets Fund statements and saves it in a "database" format. Files saved this way can be used in a variety of databases and spreadsheets.

"SMF Organizer" is a database designed specially for Secondary Market Fund data. It's a FileMaker database, but a special runtime version is included so you don't have to own the FileMaker application to make use of SMF Organizer. It has built-in scripts for importing the data saved by SMF Converter.

SMF Organizer also supports multiple payees. This allows you to track information for more than one person, family member, or friend.

You owe it to yourself to take an active part in tracking your Secondary Markets Fund. Now it’s easier than ever to find the missing payments you deserve.

SMF Organizer was created by John Eidsvoog.

Internet access & web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, or other)
Registration at the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund website.

Mac OS X, OS9, or OS8
Windows XP, 2000, NT, or 98

Screen Shots of SMF Organizer

This view lists and totals all payments received for a single movie.

This view shows a list of all movies with totals for each movie.

This view lists all payments received for any specific year, with a total.

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